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For Stan Samole, the word accessibility is a key part of his composition and his playing. Although definitely jazz in intention and thrust, Samole's music draws upon the "university" of sounds – modern jazz, swing, folk, pop, ethnic, reggae and blues.

Born in Chicago in 1950, Samole began playing the guitar at the age of twelve. His strong mathematical background gave him an advantage in learning and developing musical theory. Stan became a professional by the age of thirteen and was recording jingles and playing in local groups by the age of fourteen.

Growing up with such influences as the Beatles, John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Joni Mitchell, Stan developed an ease of styles that would result in future recordings and performances with artists as diverse as Jaco Pastorious, John McLaughlin, Carlos Santana, Stan Getz, Nancy Wilson and Mel Torme. A respected educator, he was Director of Jazz Studies at the University of Miami and his students included Pat Metheny and Hiram Bullock.

Stan is also known for his work with the group Elements and for his CDs 'Gliding', 'Stan Samole' and 'Childish Dreams: Contemporary Interpretations of Children’s Favorites' released on Jazz Inspiration Records. His compositions have been featured in concerts, on radio and on television.


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A versatile modern guitarist, Stan Samole deserves much more fame than he has gained thus far. He began playing the guitar in his native Chicago when he was 12 and developed so quickly that he was a professional within a year and was recording jingles and gigging locally by the time he was 14. He earned a Master of Music degree from the University of Miami and for a time stayed at the college as coordinator of Jazz Studies; his students included Pat Metheny and Hiram Bullock. Long active as a lecturer and a clinician, Samole was a member of Elements and eventually settled in Toronto, Canada. Through the years he has had opportunities to play with such musicians as Jaco Pastorious, John McLaughlin, Stan Getz and Mel Torme among many others. As a leader he first headed an album for Lotus in 1978 and since has recorded several impressive sessions for the Jazz Inspiration label, starting in 1990. - All Music Guide


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