"Guitar Prayers"

About the New Project: 20 years ago I recorded Childish Dreams – contemporary interpretations of Children’s favourites from around the world. It was well received in the young education, parenting and jazz communities. Teachers use the CD in classrooms to help bridge cultural differences while developing musical sensitivity and stimulating logic and creative growth.

Since then I have been searching for another unique interpretive venue and found it in liturgical music.

Growing up transcribing, parsing and mimicking many great masters, the only LP I ever wore out was A Love Supreme by John Coltrane. He created a pristine fusion of spirituality and jazz. For decades I have carried his unique expression of Music in my head and heart and this project pays homage to his great work.

The bulk of the project will include interpretations from the Book of Psalms. Psalms are used in ritual and worship by Jews, Christians, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Christian, Roman Catholics, Protestants and Anglicans. They are read and admired by Rastafarans and Muslims, etc. I hope to share unique solo guitar interpretations that may help bring people closer together from different religions and cultures.

Sneak Peak ...